Summer evening in a residential area of ​​the city. A small pizzeria next to the old five-story apartment buildings. Here you can buy pizza, donuts, Coca-Cola and cheap coffee. You can eat it right in the pizzeria, but the room is small, and people take pizza with them to eat it at home with the whole family. A very simple story that each of us can see every day.

But the artist looks with different eyes. He shows us beauty that we do not notice. The black silhouettes of passers-by seem like an applique on the bright background of the pizzeria. Its facade is made of glass, so it looks like an aquarium with fish in a dark room.

The whole composition is decided on the contrast of black, white and warm shades of red-orange. The vertical black lines of the display frames, trees and silhouettes set the rhythm on the right side of the image. The right part of the picture sounds bright colors, waiting for a small holiday.

The left side is dark. The wall of the pizzeria merges with the wall of the house, and we see the border only because there is a white car. The rhythm of the left side is set by dark windows. This rhythm is calm. We understand that many have already gone to bed, tomorrow they will have work.

The right and left parts are balanced by bright chords of luminous windows, a triangle of headlights and a taxi warning light.

On the left side, vertical rhythms sound muffled. They follow the diagonal of the roof of the building, which creates the dynamics of movement to the left inland. Movement in the same direction is shown to us by the figure of a walking person. Therefore, the viewer feels that life is happening in the image that he sees, everything is changing, everything is non-static.

Andrey Surnov creates real magic. In a small scene from life, he shows several levels of understanding, tells many stories at the same time.

The first story is black silhouettes of people. One of them walks past the pizzeria. Probably a delicious dinner awaits him at home. Three people are standing in front of a pizzeria. Maybe they are waiting for friends, maybe they have not decided yet whether to buy pizza or not.

The second story is inside the pizzeria. Someone makes a purchase, someone is waiting in line. In the depths are visible office space.

The third story is a sign of a pizzeria through the foliage of a tree. A bluish and red sign light rhymes with the color of the clothes of people inside a pizzeria. The bright spot of the sign that we see at the very top through the foliage of a tree makes us look more closely at the top of the picture. We look and see through the foliage a window where the light is on. They do not sleep there.

The fourth story is the story of the windows where the light is on. We see that in one window the light is cold. It is likely that economical people live there and use LED lamps. In another window, the light is warm. It can be assumed that there are elderly people who are accustomed to ordinary incandescent lamps.

An artist in such simple things knows how to see beauty and show it to us. For example, he shows us how beautiful light falls from windows on the edge of balconies.

The fifth story is the story of dark windows. They reflect the bright summer sky and the trees that grow in front of the house. We do not see these trees, but we understand that they are due to reflections in the windows. You can even imagine what a person is standing in a dark room by such a window.

The sixth story is the story of a taxi. Perhaps the taxi driver is waiting for a passenger who has just turned off the lights in one of the windows. Perhaps the light is still on in the window of this passenger. But maybe the taxi driver stopped by to buy pizza.

A very simple scene from life. But after the artist painted it, we begin to see life with different eyes. The artist helps us to see and appreciate her everyday beauty.


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