Atom heart mother

From a distant distance, waist-deep in the clouds, a beautiful young woman walks easily with her bare feet amidst the familiar Central Russian landscape. On her head, she carries a ball, which contains the energy of incredible strength, the energy of a new life, a bunch of things to come, unknown, but inevitable.

Her mission is high – to carry this born world, not to let it out of her hands, not to let it explode ahead of time. The woman stares intently into the distance, over the heads of the audience. She, like an ancient black statue, as the source of life. She is seeing what is still hidden from our eyes.

The value of the work of Andrei Surnov is not only in their deep and multi-layered subjects (if you look closely, you can see several stories at once included in the overall composition). Any picture is, first of all, an opportunity to reveal and show beauty. Swirling clouds, silver light that floods the sky and glides over black skin, mirrors of spilled waters reflecting the sky, flexible silhouettes of trees – all this conveys the subtle charm of life around.

The exact details – a car with open doors on the road, a house above the river – make a fantastic story true.

There is an allusion to the great Dutch with their high horizon and the ability to unfold in front of the viewer a whole panorama of views and events.

And, although the author says that this work is inspired not so much by the music of the Pink Floyd album as by its very name, however, it seems to me that the spirit of the musical composition, its life-affirming symphonic sound, and readiness for the unknown are conveyed here.