The meanings read in this monumental work by Andrei Surnov are layered like clouds over the Kremlin. And this is ALL about us.

About the country, people, and the state. About beauty and wretched grayness, about fear and sadness, about tragedy and farce.

Canvas compresses time – a medieval fortress, Goethe’s poetry, the ghost of a formidable king, defeated idols, the gray routine of life, the seeming limitlessness of power, the source of its omnipotence, the distant radiance of light, a reference to the predecessor of the artists.

We see here a scene that takes place inside the Kremlin. Two huge figures are walking along the path, not noticing the people under their feet. These are two parallel worlds. People of one world do not notice people of another world. Next to the statesman is a figure in a cloak. In it, we guess both the image of death and the image of Mephistopheles.

Color and graphic solutions are a roll call with Mikhail Vrubel. That is why the work is called Faust.