Metro №1. Moscow public transportation

Before us is a simple scene from the life of the Moscow metro. Everyone who rode it cast a glance at the passengers sitting opposite. Many of them fall asleep on the road, because the daily life of a resident of the metropolis leaves little time for relaxation. All this is very recognizable.

But the main charm of this work lies in its artistic performance. At first glance, the composition is static and consists of four black rectangles, broken by white stripes. But in this seeming staticness one can feel a measured rhythm, fast dynamics and subtle psychologism.

This is achieved by the correct ratio of horizontal and vertical planes. The chaotic faces with which the passenger’s face was molded send us to Vrubel and the Cubists and subtly convey the state of constant pressure of the society that a resident of a big city is experiencing.

The secret of dynamism of the whole picture is brilliant! These are just the red strokes of the signal lights outside the windows. They, like a thread, sew the entire composition, give it integrity and a sense of rhythmic forward movement.