Graphics. Sketches In Public Transport

Graphic experts will immediately appreciate the skill of Andrei Surnov in this form of fine art. Among his works, a special place is taken by sketches made on transport.

This is always a quick drawing from nature, which the artist makes on the sketch using a liner or pencil. The plot of such sketches is simple, but moreover, skill is required for an elegant and effective compositional solution.

Andrey never overloads his graphic work, he has a great sense of proportion. A minimum of funds – an expressive line and selective shading – all that he needs to create an absolutely tangible, authentic atmosphere.

The artist has one of the most difficult skills – the ability to work with emptiness. Empty space, correctly emphasized by lines and spots, acquires materiality and tangibility. Our eye itself completes what should be there.

Andrey subtly feels his heroes, and with him we sympathize with the thoughtful young woman in the train and the difficult life of a man whose whole character and entire life are transmitted without a portrait at all, just the nape is enough. This is the highest skill to achieve such an accurate effect with such small means.