The Evening

It is unlikely that someone before Andrei Surnov so sincerely admired real earthly women who accept their natural beauty and do not want to spend time struggling with their body, because life is so short.

The artist sees and shows us the incredible plasticity of a young woman, the ease of walking, the tenderness of the skin, the dignity with which she carries her magnificent beauty. Her inner world is closed to the eyes.

If Leonardo wrote today’s Mona Lisa, she would have looked like that. She passes us, rushing into eternity, with an elusive smile on her lips, plunging into herself. And the whole world lies at her feet.

The artist achieves an unusual effect of a radiant image thanks to a clear composition and excellent color scheme. Glowing precious clouds end where the black dress begins. This light bar below makes the whole image weightless.

Smooth, but strong lines keep the black mass of the dress solid, without glare and without volume. This woman is like
the sea is dark and deep, along which elastic waves go.

The gray, solid, glare-free mass of clouds above allows you to emphasize the radiant freshness of a beautiful face. The mass of dark hair, rhymed by a light cloudy comb at the bottom of the picture, unites the whole composition.

As always, the artist works in contrast – vertically and horizontally, bright and dark spots, massive spots and a thin line, large masses and small details.

And he, of course, is a master of this image, although the image is decorative. The zipper on the sleeve and the wedding ring on the hand give us a strange feeling that we can recognize this young woman. Perhaps she lives in our house. But recognition is only an illusion. She passes by – mysterious and impregnable, we can’t even hail her.