This art work is a rethinking of the images created by the old masters. There is a link to Botticelli: some flatness of the image, a light outline, color scheme. There is an almost direct quote from the great Florentine. The carpet on the wall is not just a decoration. Following the example of Botticelli, the artist depicted stylized flowers there, but not Italian, but central Russia: a shepherd’s bag, poppies, tansy, dandelions, thistle.

The slates thrown next to the barefoot model are a tribute to the artists of the Northern Renaissance, who loved to draw shoes.

A telephone, an extension cord, a glass with luminous tea and the same transparent candy, polished, not fashionable stand – all these are sobering details. They make us realize that everything is happening here and now. That this beautiful and majestic young woman, full of serene peace, knowing everything about eternity and beauty, is our contemporary with you, living somewhere nearby and firmly (unlike Vesna Botticelli), standing on the ground.

The artist reveals to us what we do not always understand – the true beauty of eternity, the all-conquering femininity, which is not in weakness, but in strength and calm. After all, a woman is the cradle of the world.

The bewitching tenderness of glowing skin, a thin contour, a contour silhouette, a thick braid of hair and bottomless eyes – you can look at it endlessly.

Beautiful “Spring” has a real prototype. The model is a real young girl who in everyday life works as a cartographer and is engaged in serious business – compiling modern maps. At that moment, when she posed for the artist, work was underway on a new map of the Arctic.