Vape Girl

The picture began with sketches made from nature. The model was a beautiful Julia. At first it was supposed that it would be just a portrait against the background of the window. But to pose was so boring and painfully long that the girl asked permission to “soar” during the sessions. So the plot arose.

The sketch was completed in a few days. Then began a long work on the picture. She stretched out for months. Andrey draws the finished paintings for a very long time. This is because they are made in high resolution, and the artist uses only a round brush. The smear lies behind the brushstroke, each of them has its own level of transparency, its slope, its own texture. This writing technique creates a rich visual layer, although it takes a lot of time.

“Girl with a vape” is a multifaceted work not only in meaning, but also in composition. The artist works in contrast. In the foreground, which is further divided into two small planes, white silhouettes of a dress and clouds of steam are depicted. They are easy to read in the dark. The background in the window is broken by black figures and a gray path on white snow.

The main role is played by color accents. Warm orange-red muffled sounds on tanned skin cause the culmination of a flame in the hair showered with sparks in a bracelet, shell and wilted leaves, and flare up again on a can of cola outside the window.

Silver light moves toward him, piercing a cloud of steam, and gradually disappears on the round jewelry of the dress.

The figure has many diagonals, they repeat each other, argue among themselves. This creates tension, although outwardly the whole composition seems frozen, as in a lethargic dream.

Andrei often uses the contrast between the complete calmness of the central figure and the dynamism of the environment. At the same time, everything in the picture is combined into one common story – a child on a swing, a man with a phone, wriggling tracks in the snow – all this visually closes on the figure of a girl sitting motionless.

There are hints in this story, but there is no direct answer. Therefore, the work always remains new, no matter how much we look at it.

What can be seen in the picture:
1. A luminous cone of steam, which is outlined in gold and silver light. Inside the pair they are twisted into rings. They are created by long wavy strokes similar to Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
2. Glare of light on the round metal plaques that adorn the white dress. Each of them in its own way reflects the incident light.
3. The outline of the light that glides over the girl’s face and hair, and the fiery strands of her hair.
4. The repetition of this fiery hue in the beads on the dresser, in the sink and on the leaves.
5. Sea shells and scattered beads with a coin, as a memory of the past summer on the seashore. This is also probably indicated by the camera.
6. Withered leaves that turn out to be so beautiful.
7. Spotted ripples of gray strokes, creating a complex texture of the surfaces of the dresser, window sill, frame. This ripple, only more, is repeated in the tracks in the snow.
8. Separately, you can consider the little things scattered on the chest of drawers.
9. The most attentive will see a pale orange lighter in the box.