The work was compiled from sketches made from nature. The beauty of Eugene posed for her.

It is no coincidence that the picture is called “Windows.” The artist uses a very bold move in his work, placing a dark silhouette in the center, which is surrounded by bright background spots. The gaze involuntarily penetrates deep into the picture, being captured by luminous windows, each of which tells its own story.

In the lower left window, two men turned off the light and secretly look at the posing girl. The window above leads to the office where the designer or artist is late at work until late. In the window on the right, the man, most likely the leader, leaning back in his chair, speaks on the phone. The window in the upper right corner looks like an archive or office, and evening classes can be held in the lower part.

Against the backdrop of this ongoing activity, the female figure in the foreground looks particularly calm and serene. This contrast of dynamic scenes deep in the canvas and complete calmness in the foreground makes the viewer return again and again to the female portrait in the nude genre, so simple at first glance and so multi-layered if you look carefully.