6 a.m.

Every morning, thousands of residents of Moscow region come to Moscow from their small towns to work or study. Suburban trains deliver people to train stations. At 6 a.m. in winter it is still dark outside. There are only a few passengers on the trains. At 7 a.m. there will be more, and at 8 a.m. there will be a crowd of people at the stations. But at the time of day, depicted in the artwork, there are almost no people on the train. We can tell this by looking at reflections in windows. There is not a single reflection of people; windows reflect only empty spaces and interior lighting. On the outside, we can see moving rails and remote residential buildings where people are waking up and switching the lights on.

It’s warm inside the train, although the wagon is not new. We see abrasions on the seat upholstery, scratches on the panel.

The artist conveys the steady movement of an electric train. It uses a composition of diagonals of rails and windows and the rhythm of vertical partitions, electricity pylons on the outside, lamps, buildings, and reflections.

Andrey Surnov finds perfect color combinations. He paints the whole picture in soft colors, but if you look carefully, you will see that there is a contrast. It is not just a contrast of darkness and light, but a deep contrast between red and green, orange and blue, lemon and purple. These contrasting colors are the basis of the halftones used by the author. The green color on the panels contains notes of strontian-yellow color, and in the brownish upholstery – chords of red color. The bluish snow contrasts with the orange light of the windows. The lilac sky contrasts with the reflections in the window, which have a hint of lemon color.

Andrey Surnov is a master of speaking details that the viewer does not immediately notice. Look carefully at the glare of light in the lower-left corner of the first window. There is a strip with a thin perforation between the pieces of glass. This detail is amazing. It stands in front of a spectator who spends an hour or two on a train every day. If you sit by the window for a long time, you always notice this strip between the windows. This very accurate detail allows us to understand the loneliness of a passenger who leaves for another city early in the morning to gain knowledge or money.