Night club

The work from the series “Night Cafe” is made from nature in the style of a sketch. The plot evokes associations with the famous “Bar Foley Berger” by Eduard Manet. But the impact on the viewer here is perhaps more powerful, although the means of image are very limited. Only three colors – red, white, black – and a whole story about the life of a young woman from a city near Moscow.

The first thing that catches your eye is the dazzling white and red lights and the dark pink accents of the bottles. Thanks to this technique, the gaze immediately goes into the depths. The composition makes the eye move in a spiral – from the bright white path of the bar to the shiny shelf, along the red highlight of the bar, along the white bottles – to the red glowing ball and, finally, to the face, the girl stuck out of the darkness behind the counter.

The artist has a high degree of sympathy for his characters. A girl stands in a bar of a night cafe, where residents of neighboring houses come to relax and have fun. This is a holiday for them. For her – a series of monotonous everyday life, emphasized by the uniform rhythm of the bottles in the background. Her whole real life does not occur here, among annoying music and the public. This life lies outside of her work and is now focused on the smartphone, which the girl holds in her hands. There – everything that she lives today, hopes, cares, perhaps love. The presence of the heroine in the bar is just an illusion for visitors.