View of the Ostankino TV tower. №1

It is impossible to look away from this work. It all seems to be woven from a gentle sunset. The complex composition is based on contrasts and rhymes. The rectangular contours of the building and windows are combined with the pointed cones of cypresses. Dark silhouettes stand out clearly against a light background. The rhythms of the windows sound in measured chords, the sharp verticals of the trees resemble a sonorous staccato. They direct their gaze to the two rhymed masses. These are the roofs of houses, turned into blooming meadows and a series of clouds on the horizon. The picturesque texture of cypress trees, walls, reflections in the windows, vegetation on the roofs also has a rhythmic pattern. All this sounds powerful polyphony, which is solved at the top of the picture. The silhouette of a beautiful woman as if grows from flowering meadows and almost dissolves in the coolness of the air. The last high note is the thin arrow of a television tower in the distance.

Despite the difficult schedule, the work breathes peace and light grief of the past summer, about elusive time. Before us is a world that knows all the disappointments of civilization and is reborn again, transformed by the harmony of nature.