View of the Ostankino TV tower. №1

Before us is Moscow, but strange Moscow. The silence of a summer evening. The city is timeless. Time passed There was only a space of complete silence, eternity and beautiful giants, peacefully resting on a hill covered with grass and burdock. Warm air caresses their delicate skin, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun. They are flesh from the flesh of this earth, of one nature with its flowers and trees, their bodies shine and weightless, and, as in Botticelli’s “Spring”, they do not even crush the grass on which they lie.

What can we offer them? Dead concrete skyscrapers, a tower that pierced the sky, the dirty air of the autobahns?

They are indifferent to these benefits of civilization, everyday vanity and futile human ambitions. Peace and eternity reign in their universe, which only the eye of the artist sees.

His vision is different from ours. In the poor flora of the big city, he sees the graceful outlines of burdock leaves, the complex pattern that they form on a continuous cover of grass, the contrast of dark stems and light figures, the plasticity and grace of naked bodies, pink reflexes and skin glows. All this is much more material than a ghostly city that is visible from afar.

The muffled fiery pupil of the sun and the red outline along the edge of the building close the perspective denoting the depth of space. Here we again see the filigree ability of the author to combine volume and plane, decorativeness and realism, detail and generalization.

In fact, there is only one color in the palette of this work – muted red. It is all written in reddish shades of varying degrees of lightness. This level of color mastery testifies to the high artistic skill of the artist.